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Mercosur, Four countries for your ultimate travel experience with its rich culture and untouched nature.

MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL is a common market (Southern Common Market: Mercado Comun del Sur / Mercado Comum do Sul) established based on the Treaty of Asuncion signed by the four countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay on March 26, 1991. It aims at promoting free trade of goods, services, and production inputs.

" MERCOSUR" comes from three Spanish words:
Mercado (market), Comun (common), and Sur (south)

" MERCOSUL" from three Portuguese words:
Mercado (market), Comum (common), and Sul (south).

In pursuit of a noble purpose, MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL began to operate as a community to develop the economy and culture, and to build a bright future for the four nations.

These four countries -- Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay -- have the best tourist attractions worth visiting. The richness of nature and culture so well preserved combine to give you a most memorable experience.

Give in to unexpected surprises from the great bounty of nature. Let the sound of the region's music permeate your whole being -- like the Latin beat of the "bossanova",
the "tangos", and "candombe", as well as ethnic strains sung in Portuguese and Spanish. Traditional handicrafts perfected through the ages, spicy "Creole" cuisine, and the national temperament characterized by hospitality all arose from the mix of European and native cultures.
If you visit MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL countries, you will be able to feel that eclectic cultural blend peculiar to South America.

We hope that your next destination will be the MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL countries to who feel for your ultimate travel experience with its rich culture and untouched nature.


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